5 Reasons Why Kenya Should Be On Your Travel Wish List

Published: 27 July 2022

Got friends who have recently returned from a safari? In between the never-ending stories of spectacular wildlife sightings and envious sunkissed skin, you may hear them name-drop national parks like Tsavo East and West, Maasai Mara, Amboseli, Hells Gate or Lake Nakuru, to name but a few. Some may have even included a few days on the beach - you know, to “wash away the dust of a safari.” This is then your cue to ask, “so, where in Africa can I experience all of this?” Kenya, of course! And here are our top five reasons Kenya should be on your travel wish list.

1. Spectacular Safaris: Closer to Nature One Does Not Get

Image Credit: Craig Stevenson

So we’ve listed the ‘expected’ National Parks above, but did you know that Kenya is also home to many conservancies? These are just as game-rich (if not more so) as the great National Parks, offering a more intimate safari experience with fewer tourists and more Big 5 sightings and off-the-beaten-track excursions.

At Anywhere in Africa Safaris, we also work alongside many different camps offering different safari experiences. From immersive canvas tents out in the bush to luxurious outcrops with infinity pools overlooking the vast plains of the Mara with the Great Migration taking place below. Kenya is where ‘safari’ has multiple definitions, and you’re invited to experience them all.

2. Rich Cultural Interactions

Matching its warm climate are its warm, welcoming people - Kenya is a place of rich cultures and diverse people. The “Maa” speaking people are referred to as the Maasai or Masai, an ethnic group of Nilotic-speaking people living in Southern Kenya and Northern Tanzania. This pastoralist tribe has a wide range of cultural norms and beliefs, which you can learn more about on a safari, as many of the camps we work with have Masai warriors as guides while out in the bush.

In the North of Kenya, the Samburu tribe reside in the geographically fascinating Samburu County. Much like the Maasai people, the Samburu live a semi-nomadic life, and their languages are very similar, having been derived from Maa. However, the Samburu people are still very traditional and have not parted ways with old customs.

3. Something For Everyone - Gelato-connoisseurs Included

Image Credit: Jessica Pamp

Few people realize just how much there is to see and do in Kenya. It is far more than ‘just’ a safari destination, which explains why so many of our past guests return to this magical destination year on year. Along the coastline lies multiple beach destinations with azure waters, palm-lined streets and pearly white beaches - some of these small towns have been voted Africa’s best beach destinations (think along the lines of Diani Beach).

Other small towns like Watamu and Malindi have strong ex-pat Italian communities, so you can expect some of the finest gelatos outside of Italy itself. These towns are also popular with tourists looking for a spot of whale watching, deep sea fishing or even skydiving. So if you find suntanning or sea dips a bit too ‘vanilla’, - Kirsty knows exactly what to arrange to keep you entertained.

Many guests also add hiking to their safari as Kenya is so close to Africa’s tallest mountain peak, with Kilimanjaro visible from Amboseli National Park. This bucket list experience can only take place from Tanzania, but that’s no problem for Kirsty to arrange - and luckily, she has already summited Kilimanjaro and can share her tips and tricks if you’d like to hear.

4. Year-Round Destination

Image Credit: Sutirta Budiman

Kenya has one of the most enviable locations on the map. It is situated close to the equator and enjoys a landscape dotted with highs and lows, allowing for a bit of everything. Overall, Kenya enjoys a pleasant, tropical climate, with daytime temperatures averaging between 20°C/68°F and 28°C/82°F, although it is warmer and more humid along the coast. However, while on safari, we’d recommend layering up for early morning and late afternoon safari drives as temperatures can dip the minute the sun disappears.

5. Home to Some of Africa’s Finest Camps, Hotels & Lodges

From uber-luxurious to sharing high tea with Rothschild’s Giraffes sticking their heads inquisitively through colonial-style windows, Kenya is home to some of the finest camps, hotels and lodges. For over thirty years, Kirsty has worked with a number of these suppliers, with many of them in personal Whatsapp contact with her to ensure that guests traveling with Anywhere in Africa Safaris are always in the very best hands.

Some of our personal favorites are:

  • Nairobi – Giraffe Manor

  • Chuyulu Hills – Ol Donyo (Great Plains)

  • Sambura National Park – Sasaab Camp

  • Amboseli National Park – Tortilis Camp

  • Diani Beach – Alfajiri Villas

  • Lamu Archipelago – Manda Bay

  • Masai Mara – andBeyond Bateleur Camp, Cottars 1920 Safari Camp, Governors Private Camp, Angama Mara

  • Laikipia – Segera Retreat

A Tailor-Made Kenya Safari Is Everything You Need Right Now

You will fall in love with Kenya (Kirsty did the minute she set foot here). From the Rift Valley and the shores of Lake Naivasha to the cosmopolitan bustle of Nairobi, Kenya is a world-traveler’s dream destination. Kirsty is here to make sure that her team on the ground delivers a holiday nothing short of sublime.

Kenya is waiting - all you need to do is book your international flights and leave the rest to Kirsty and the team at Anywhere in Africa Safaris.

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