Your Luxury Kenyan Safari Awaits

Famed for its scenic safari plains, azure coastline, wildlife conservation and budding foodie and nightlife scene in Nairobi, Kenya has something for everyone. From family tours to ultra-luxurious safaris where you can raise a glass to just the two of you, there’s a reason Kenya features on the top of almost everyone’s bucket list.

Tailormade Safari Tour Packages in Kenya

Personalizing safari tours and Indian Ocean island escapes is our specialization and our packages below are merely there to appease your appetite for a luxury safari experience. Of course, our tailormade safari tour packages are served a la carte, giving you the freedom to decide where and what you’ll have during your time in Kenya.

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Introducing Kenya Safari

Wildlife enthusiasts and lovers of the great outdoors, we’ve created a safari tour package exclusively for you. This exceptional adventure touches on Kenya's most scenic wildlife.

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Ultra-Luxury Safari in Kenya

Watch the most thrilling show on earth - the Great Migration - where the cliffhangers are perilous river crossings in the Masai Mara, the place for year-round wildlife viewing.

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Family Safari in Kenya

Bring The Lion King to life with a Kenyan family safari tour, where children from as young as 3 can see the Big 5 and landscapes across the Masai Mara that resemble Pride Rock.

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We’re not deposits-first-then-we-talk kind of people, we’re lovers of Africa with a passion for sharing her with the rest of the world, so reach out for an obligation-free chat about all things safari and/or sea.

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