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Luxury Gorilla Safari in Uganda - From The Pen of Another Satisfied 'Anywhere in Africa' Client!

We followed the trackers around a bush, and then, suddenly, we found ourselves trapped. A giant silverback Gorilla was only five meters ahead, some smaller females three meters to the right, and then, we saw movement in a bush to the left: out popped a one-year-old baby. We were overwhelmed, to say the least. The trackers quickly herded us into the nettles, hacking at the dense bush with lethal-looking machetes and nudging us away from the gorillas with the barrels of their machine guns. It was hard to find words to express the emotions coursing through us. - By Di Boynton Read more
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An African Travel Specialist’s Top 10 Romantic Destinations

With 31 years of experience as African travel specialists, we’ve certainly explored all of Africa’s most idyllic destinations. Yet we always come back to these top 10 lodges for any - and all - romantic escapes. Be it honeymoons, perfect proposals, anniversaries, or Valentine’s gifts, these luxurious establishments give you the very best excuses to cuddle up close. Read more
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Meet Africa’s Greatest Guides and Finest Ambassadors

Over the past thirty years, Anywhere in Africa Safaris has been fortunate enough to work alongside some of the greatest tour and park guides through our offerings of bespoke and tailor-made safaris in Africa. These guides promise to not only take you on a holiday of a lifetime, but to also have you arrive as a visitor and leave as a lifelong friend. Read more
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You don’t have to be a Gandhi or Mandela to leave a legacy in today’s world. You also don’t have to dedicate your life to outreach work, or donate hundreds of thousands of dollars to worthy organizations. Of course, if you have the means to do this then please don’t let us stop you, but if you’ve always asked, “how can I help Africa?” leaving a legacy can be the most significant gift you give in your life, because it empowers you to change the future simply by going on a tailor-made safari. Read more
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Top Five African Destinations Open and Ready to Welcome You Back

While 2020 has turned out to be the most unexpected year to date, Africa is finally opening up to international travelers again. With low Covid-19 infection rates, and safety protocols based on what the World Health Organisation recommended before the virus reached Africa - it was late - borders are opening again, and we're ready to welcome you back. Read more