7 Reasons To Use a Safari Travel Specialist Over Google

Published: 17 September 2022

For recipes, weather updates and gift ideas for your mother in-law there’s Google. For idyllic safaris, luxury African travel, Indian Ocean honeymoons and Central African gorilla treks there’s Kirsty Gordon at Anywhere in Africa. So if you’ve ever wondered why you should trust a reputable tour operator to plan your next vacation over Google, here’s why:

1. We’re More Accessible Than Google

Image showing cheetah on luxury safari in Africa with Anywhere in Africa Safaris | tailored safari tour operator

…Seriously, we are. At Anywhere in Africa, we’re safari travel specialists who offer a real-person experience, where no call centre agents or reference numbers are involved. It’s just you, your travel dreams, and Kirsty on the other end of the line. 

Based in Cape Town, South Africa, Kirsty is more in-tune with what’s going on, beating most algorithms. And her preferred communication extends to email, WhatsApp, FaceTime, Telegram, Zoom, Google Meets and even the old-school phone call and face-to-face meeting when you land in South Africa.

2. We’re On Your Time & Always With You

zebras on luxury African safari vacation with Anywhere in Africa

During your travel in Africa, we’re normally just an hour or two behind or ahead of you, depending on where you are, as we’re located in Cape Town. As luxury travel operators, we offer you a service Google simply cannot compete with. You’ll never be a reference number or a call-me-back before, during and after your travels.

3. We Do All the Anticipating & Planning

Image showing tailor safari vacation planning with Anywhere in Africa Safaris

Google may have condensed the encyclopedia into the click of a button, but we’re knowledgable and backed by over 30 years of travel (we’re older than Google). Through this, we’re able to anticipate everything that could happen, we ask the right questions and know the answers when it comes to everything from travel insurance, transfers, visas, medical requirements and back-ups if something goes wrong.

4. We Make Designing a Safari Fun

Image showing hyenas on luxury African safari vacation with Anywhere in Africa Safaris

Google can take the fun out of safari planning, and don’t get us started on how overwhelming it can make it too! When you’ve got hundreds of pages all vying for your attention, it’s difficult to cut through the SEO and must-knows, and focus solely on your own bucket lists and dreams. Instead, share your ideas and needs with Kirsty, who creates safari itineraries around you (view some of our sample itineraries here). She’s not a one-size-fits-all kinda tour operator, she’s a bespoke kinda gal! Leave it up to us to match you with the vacation you actually want, not the one you saw on television or social media. We’ll help you define exactly what it is you want to get out of a vacation.

5. Tried, Tested and Curated For You

Finding the right kind of accommodation on Google is always tricky. Sometimes you get lucky, while other times the disparities between images, reviews and actual experiences are huge! At Anywhere in Africa, we only send guests to lodges that we have been to ourselves, and places where we would feel comfortable sending our own family to.

6. We’re feasible and flexible

Image showing giraffes at watering hole on luxury African safari vacation with Anywhere in Africa Safaris

When it comes to refunds and best rates, the pandemic burnt a lot of us. But when you have a luxury safari tour operator on speed dial who negotiates the best rates and refund policies, there’s nothing to fear. Don’t believe us? Check out our latest guest reviews here. Kirsty has built a vast network over her 30-plus years, which means that she is more than able to keep your best interests at heart while also working alongside suppliers who have the highest of standards and reputations to uphold.

7. For the love of Africa

Image showing rhinos on luxury African safari vacation with Anywhere in Africa Safaris

At Anywhere in Africa, we don't live for paychecks, we live for bringing people to Africa because it's the place we love most in the world, and a place we feel that the world needs to know more about. We also don't just want clients to visit this great continent, we want them to leave as ambassadors for Africa, and a place that they return to. Therefore, when you book a trip with us, enjoy peace of mind knowing that we only work with reputable places that are grounded in conservation and sustainability. To read more about this, read our blog on the power of tourism in protecting wildlife and people.

Some Things Just Shouldn’t Be Googled

Image showing Kirsty Gordon on luxury African safari as Anywhere in Africa CEO

Don’t get us wrong, we love Google! But when it comes to a bucket list safari or trip that’s costing a lifetime’s worth of savings, you’d want to partner with someone who has trekked with gorillas, summited Kilimanjaro, lived in Africa and worked with locals for over 30 years.

At Anywhere in Africa, we only commit to planning a certain number of safari trips per year, to ensure that we’re dedicated to our clients and always available to give you the best possible experience. Between weather delays, natural disasters, flight cancellations, lost luggage and much more, a lot can happen on holiday, and who better to help you than the knowledgeable and experienced Kirsty Gordon at Anywhere in Africa.

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