Published: 24 February 2022

It’s no doubt that the last two years have been tricky. Throw in organizing a bespoke luxury African safari and it got even trickier - although, nothing that our Kirsty can’t handle! Kirsty Gordon waved her magic travel wand and still brought countless people to the continent that has her heart. As you already may know, tailor-made African safari vacations are Kirsty’s forte, but don’t take it from us! Read some of the incredible travel stories our guests left from their 2021 travels across Africa.

“Flying” Over Vic Falls

Giulio flying over the edge at the Victoria Falls while traveling with Anywhere in Africa
Giulio flying over the edge

“Excellent and knowledgeable, trip of a lifetime! Fantastic experience - Kirsty helped prepare a wonderful trip for us. She's super knowledgeable, and the itinerary was exactly what we were looking for. We spent two wonderful weeks visiting Cape Town before taking the famed Rovos Rail up to Victoria Falls. Highly recommended!” - Trip Advisor - January 2022

Four Trips to Africa Just Weren't Enough

Returning Anywhere in Africa Guests on African Safari

“Another great experience! This was the fifth time we have used Kirsty for an African safari trip. She continues to provide an exceptional, bespoke experience beginning from the time you land at the airport to the departure date. Couldn't be happier.” - Trip Advisor - August 2021

An African Bush Camp Adventure

Kirsty CEO of Anywhere in Africa with guests in Cape Town, South Africa
With Kirsty at the Cape Grace Hotel, Cape Town

Anywhere in Africa Safaris booked a trip for this American family to South Africa, Victoria Falls and Botswana. African Bush Camps hosted Patti, Barbara, Joseph and Fendley from 23/12/21 to 26/12/21 in Botswana. Here’s a snippet of what the family experienced:

“They had an amazing ‘champagne stop’ in the bush after their scenic helicopter flip which they really enjoyed and remarked that it was “such a unique experience.” On their must-see wildlife list it was the big cats who took the top spots, and alongside their amazing guide, ‘DT’ they managed to spot and track two lionesses with six cubs, along with a leopard and its cub.

It was an amazing, thrilling and memorable experience and they couldn’t stop talking about it; it was a dream come true. Their last day was filled with cultural tours and staff singing and dancing for them - which really touched their hearts.

Thank you Anywhere in Africa Safaris for your support and booking this family with us!” - December 2021

An Unforgettable Trip of A Lifetime

Before we jump into this review we have to share this incredible couple’s journey before they got in contact with Kirsty. They had lost their deposit on two occasions due to the pandemic, and received little guidance from the traveling agency they had originally booked with. Luckily, Kirsty turned things around and proved that one still gets reputable and reliable luxury African safari travel specialists.

“We chose Anywhere in Africa because Kirsty was so detailed with her emails, and when we spoke on the phone she asked so many questions of what we wanted from our Africa experience. Keep in mind, Kirsty spent hours putting together a trip with Africa closed - and it never crossed her mind to stop and wait for the pandemic to end, she persevered and made things happen!

Kirsty said we can book our flights after we had confirmation that Africa was opening up. Kirsty is not a cookie-cutter agent, she customizes for each of her clients (this is one of the many reasons she is featured in a magazine for the BEST tour agent in Africa). Kirsty would reply to emails or WhatsApp messages any time of the day and sometimes late evenings her time. I NEVER doubted we chose the right person for our trip.

Originally, I never wanted to go to Africa and I had no expectations at all, but Kirsty kept saying Africa is an experience of a lifetime - and so have all the people that I know who have been to Africa. The reason we decided to go to Africa was because I did a survey on a travel FB page and 700 of 900 replies were someplace in Africa. I know a crazy reason to pick a vacation!

To be honest I am in tears as I type this review. I am reliving the DREAM trip that changed our lives. The reason the trip changed our lives is because of what Kirsty did for us. She went above and beyond to ensure it was amazing and it exceeded our expectations over and over and over. I didn't have to worry about anything so that made the trip PERFECT!

Our friends tell us that we have NEVER talked about a trip with this much passion and excitement as we have the trip to Africa. We weren't home a full week and I emailed Kirsty to put together a return trip to Africa for Uganda and possibly Tanzania.

I can't promise you that you will love Africa like we do, but I can assure you that you will love Kirsty and all she does for you. After this trip I have decided that I will try to find agents to customize future trips for wherever we go next. I know I will probably never find another Kirsty.” - July 2021

Mala Mala Memories and Lifelong Dreams at Londolozi

“We had an absolutely fantastic family safari - our favorite holiday on earth! This time at Mala Mala and Londolozi Founders Camp, where we celebrated New Year and a birthday! Thank you Kirsty Gordon from Anywhere in Africa Safaris for meticulous planning from A-Z! These experiences are the best gifts of memories, priceless!” - December 2021

Your Luxury African Travel Specialist Awaits

With the African travel industry more than raring to go, 2022 is going to be even sweeter, and as always we’ll keep you in the loop and share regular travel stories with you. It’s also not too late to plan your 2022 safari or Indian Ocean Island escape, so if 2023 seems too far away, get in touch with Kirsty for an obligation-free consultation and discover what our guests mean when they say that Kirsty is detail-oriented and on the ball!

We hope that the next review we get to share is YOURS!


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