Best African Safari Destinations for American Travelers

Published: 17 November 2022

So you’re an American traveler who perhaps has done the expected tourist hot spots? You’ve sailed the gondolas, climbed many steps on Greek islands, and you’ve swished sauvignon blanc in Bordeaux. Or maybe you’ve toured the entire USA and you’re ready for a completely different experience?

Regardless of where you’ve traveled, no place can compare to Africa, and myself, Kirsty Gordon, is going to tell you why it’s the best African safari destination for American travelers in 2023.

1. Easy to Reach

Great Migration Wildebeest in Kenya on safari for Americans | Tailormade safari itinerary | Anywhere in Africa Safaris

As an African travel specialist, it’s becoming rather difficult to keep up with all of the announcements (a good thing), as every day it seems a new American carrier announces its direct routes to different African international airports. Gone are the days of multiple stops and long layovers, bringing Africa closer to you. One of the easiest destinations to reach is South Africa and Nairobi in Kenya - the gateway to the Great Migration.

2. English-speaking Safaris

English-speaking safari in Kenya for American travelers | Tailormade luxury African safari with Anywhere in Africa Safaris

Most - if not all - safari, gorilla trekking and romantic island-hopping African adventures have guides and teams on the ground who can speak English. If you require a specific guide such as a French or Spanish-speaking guide, many of the establishments we work with can arrange ground handlers and guides who can assist.

During your vacation, you’ll be exposed to different African proverbs, cultures and rich analogies that we’re sure you’ll take home with you. One of our favorites is: “The eye never forgets what the heart has seen” - a true testament to exploring this great continent.

3. Experienced in Hosting Americans

Lioness in cub in Kenya on Great Migration Safari with tailormade luxury safari itinerary

More than 30 million tourists visit Africa each year and of those millions a high percentage hail from the USA. So what does this mean? Well, from my experience, all lodges are incredibly welcoming and understanding of the American market and your needs, making your stay one that is well catered for but still retaining an African authenticity.

Myself, and the Anywhere in Africa team, always plan your trip based on your bucket list. So if you’re looking for an uber-luxurious or nature-first immersive experience, we know exactly where to take you. With over 30 years of experience in bringing Americans to Africa, we know what we’re doing and what works best for you.

4. An All-in-one Destination

Diani Beach in Kenya on a luxury African safari and beach vacation

Another reason why Africa has my heart (FYI: I’ve traveled extensively across the globe) is because every country has a bit of everything. From cosmopolitan cities, culinary masterpieces, vast nature reserves and mountain peaks (some even get snow), to dense rainforests and pearly beaches or inland lakes. Africa has it all. And by “all” I sometimes mean adding a Maldives or Seychelles island escape to your safari because it really is easy to do!

5. African Destinations for Americans

With the above in mind here are my top tried-tested-and-best-suggested African destinations for you to visit as a first- or second-time visitor from America. 

South Africa

South Africa's Camps Bay on a luxury African vacation

Perhaps the most obvious choice with Cape Town, Kruger National Park and the famed Garden Route on its map, but there are also a few other towns and places in my home country which I can highly recommend. South Africa is also a lovely add-on or explore-from destination with Victoria Falls, Zambia, Botswana and Namibia all within close proximity.

East Africa

Hot air balloon safari in Tanzania on a luxury African safari vacation

 The classic safari reminiscent of yester-year and The Lion King, Tanzania and Kenya offer the “Out of Africa Safari '' complete with G&T game drives, fedora hats and khaki attire. Both countries offer a “bush and beach” experience with beautiful white beaches and azure waters.


Botswana zebras in Okavango Delta on a luxury African safari vacation

The Okavango Delta is a firm favorite and a place I feel that every person should see at least once in their lifetime. It promises a safari from all angles, with water- and land-based safaris, and also an opportunity to visit the NGO we work closely with, Elephant Havens. You can read more about how your trip booked with us benefits them here. 


Victoria Falls on a tailored African safari vacation

Home to one side of Victoria Falls and a country that is so much more than the headlines you may read. This nation is perhaps the most friendly place I’ve ever visited, and safaris here are truly wild and immersive.


Elephant in Zambia on a tailormade African safari vacation

Introducing the home to walking safaris or "safaris on foot" as some like to call it. And if you’re an adventurer, I’d also recommend adding a horseback safari experience. Here you can visit Victoria Falls from the ‘other’ side, and if you travel around mid-August to mid-January (low water) you can experience the famous "Devil’s Pool" experience, where you swim to the edge of Victoria Falls!

Bucket List Safaris for 2023 and Beyond

leopard on a luxury African safari vacation in Kenya

An African safari is one of the best ways you can travel in 2023 because of the direct impact your trip has on protecting wildlife, conserving habitats, employing people in rural communities, and educating children across Africa - it is also one of the safest. And as we settle into the ‘new normal’, safari and being out in nature will be one of the secure ways to travel anywhere in the world.

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